Limitations to Using Sick Leave

Unused sick leave credit is allowed for Georgia teaching service. Eligible service includes withdrawn and repurchased Georgia teaching service as well as service purchased or transferred from local retirement plans. Georgia law, however, does not permit unused sick leave credit for the following service:

  • ERS (Employee's Retirement System)
  • Maternity Leave
  • Military Service
  • Out-of-State
  • PSERS (Public School Employees Retirement System
  • Study Leave

Creditable sick leave accumulates at a maximum rate of 1¼ days per month. If you have worked in a system that awards more than 1¼ days per month, your earned total will be reduced to meet this standard. If you have worked in a system that awards fewer than 1¼ days per month, no adjustment will be made. If you have questions regarding your sick leave rate of accrual, please contact your employer.

Sick leave cannot be used to achieve a vested status, but it can be added to your creditable service at the time of your retirement (it can be used to complete 30 years of credit). Total creditable service cannot exceed a maximum of 40 years.