Apply for Retirement Online

In an effort to make applying for retirement easier and more accurate, we encourage our members to apply for retirement online via their TRS account. Gone are the days of manually completing this form. "We are providing our members with a process that is easier and more effective and expedient than the previous one," states TRS Executive Director, Jeffrey L. Ezell. Mr. Ezell continues, "Over the past few years we have been automating our processes in an effort to make doing business with TRS easier, as well as to increase our efficiencies and effectiveness internally. This is an important step toward achieving those goals." The TRS retirement process involves many steps and therefore the online process will be launched in three phases: 1) the Retirement Application; 2) the Employer Forms; and 3) the Disability Retirement Forms. In this first phase, the sections of the Retirement Application to be completed by the retiring member are automated. This automation makes it easier for each member to complete and submit the 4-page application in a timely manner, and, in turn, allows TRS to place future retirees on a retirement payroll faster. The second phase will enable employers to complete and submit the Sick Leave Certification and Retirement Certification forms online. The third and final phase consists of automating the process for disability retirement. Again, we want to make the process as fast and easy as possible for all of our valued members. To access the online retirement application, a member simply logs in to his or her account (first time users must create an account) and clicks on the Apply for Retirement tab. The member is then prompted to fill out information specific to his or her retirement. When the process is complete, a summary sheet is provided for his or her records. A Help section is available throughout the process to assist the member in completing the application. TRS is dedicated to meeting the needs of its members by using the best practices and technology available. "We will continue to provide services that are valued by our members and made better through their feedback," states Mr. Ezell. Providing faster, friendlier, and easier customer service is the focus at TRS.