As a TRS member, you may receive solicitations from financial services companies that are representing themselves as TRS and communicating pension plan information in ways that may be incorrect or aimed at enhancing their own commissions.

Fraudulent companies may communicate to you through emails, text messages, or phone calls and present themselves as TRS staff. Currently there are several companies hosting events, titling them as TRS presentations and counseling sessions, and using our copyrighted material without our permission.

TRS does send email and regular mail communications. For events or updates to your account, we will ask you to sign up for or log in to your online TRS account located on the TRS website, You may also receive emails from us on events we host on our official social media channels. Your employer may also send you communications on signing up for a TRS event.

  1. Please stay alert and use the TRS website, TRS events, and your TRS online account as the source of information for your TRS benefit.
  2. You are encouraged to guard your personal information and to not divulge any financial or sensitive information without vetting the source.
  3. Please check with your HR department on vetted and reputable financial service companies.

We understand that information about the TRS pension plan is often covered during other companies’ financial presentations. However, we do not endorse or work jointly with companies using our branding, materials, or likeness in their advertisements, presentations, or counseling sessions. We do participate in outreach events with vetted, reputable vendors that your employer has selected to visit your school system or place of business.  This type of joint session is not the cause of concern, and we encourage our members to participate in them.

Again, we encourage our members to get their source of information directly from TRS and properly vetted vendors. You may contact us through our call center, attend an official TRS event, or visit our website,, where you can find your TRS online account (my TRS log in), our social media channels, videos, and additional information.

This site incorporates internet security and encryption technology. To enhance the security of your online TRS account, use two-factor authentication. There are other precautions you should take to prevent unauthorized access to your account from your computer, such as carefully protecting your User ID and Password, and using firewall and spyware detection software.

Graham Loomis and Kristin Murnahan, SEC Trial Counsel, take you through a recent investment scheme case highlighting red flags and fraud tactics in this video. Learn about the misleading use of official forms, branding, and more.

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