Residency Maps

Georgia State Senate

Georgia State Senate Senate District 1<br />Sen. Ben WatsonSenate District 2<br />Sen. Lester G. JacksonSenate District 3<br />Sen. Sheila McNeillSenate District 4<br />Sen. Billy HickmanSenate District 7<br />Sen. Tyler HarperSenate District 8<br />Sen. Russ GoodmanSenate District 11<br />Sen. Dean BurkeSenate District 12<br />Sen. Freddie Powell SimsSenate District 13<br />Sen. Carden SummersSenate District 14<br />Sen. Bruce ThompsonSenate District 15<br />Sen. Ed HarbisonSenate District 16<br />Sen. Marty HarbinSenate District 18<br />Sen. John F. KennedySenate District 19<br />Sen. Blake Tillery Senate District 20<br />Sen. Larry Walker IIISenate District 21<br />Sen. Brandon BeachSenate District 22<br />Sen. Harold V. Jones IISenate District 23<br />Sen. Max BurnsSenate District 24<br />Sen. Lee AndersonSenate District 25<br />Sen. Burt JonesSenate District 26<br />Sen. David LucasSenate District 27<br />Sen. Greg DolezalSenate District 28<br />Sen. Matt BrassSenate District 29<br />Sen. Randy RobertsonSenate District 30<br />Sen. Mike DuganSenate District 31<br />Sen. Jason AnavitarteSenate District 37<br />Sen. Lindsey TippinsSenate District 45<br />Sen. Clint DixonSenate District 46<br />Sen. Bill CowsertSenate District 47<br />Sen. Frank GinnSenate District 48<br />Sen. Au MichelleSenate District 49<br />Sen. Butch MillerSenate District 50<br />Sen. Bo HatchettSenate District 51<br />Sen. Steve GoochSenate District 52<br />Sen. Chuck HufstetlerSenate District 53<br />Sen. Jeff MullisSenate District 54<br />Sen. Chuck PayneClick Here for Metro Atlanta Details
Residency Maps
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*Statewide counts do not include out-of-state individuals, or payments to individuals who reside out of state.
Totals reflective of FY2021 year end reporting (6-30-2021).