Death of a Beneficiary

What Happens When a Retiree’s Beneficiary Dies?

As a retiree, should your beneficiary predecease you, you can make new beneficiary designations according to the provisions of the retirement plan under which you retired.

If you retired under:

  • Plan A or Plan B-Option 1, you may select another beneficiary as long as there are funds in your account remaining to be refunded.
  • Plan B Option 2, 2 Pop-up, or 4 and your beneficiary (ies) predeceases you, you may change your plan of retirement and you may designate a different beneficiary (ies). If you wish to change your plan of retirement, you must choose another survivorship option, unless you choose a pop-up option, in which case you could choose Plan A. Changing your plan of retirement and/or beneficiary (ies) will result in the recalculation of your benefit.

Please contact our office for additional information, and to request the forms you will need. TRS recommends that you obtain a benefit estimate from our office prior to choosing a new plan of retirement and/or naming a new beneficiary(ies).