At 40 Years of Service

Will I Always Contribute to My Account?

If you have at least forty years of service credit, you may elect to discontinue your contributions to TRS, as 40 years is the maximum number of years your retirement calculation can be based upon. Per Georgia law, this election is irrevocable. Further, your employer is required to discontinue deducting retirement contributions from your salary after you have attained 40 years of service credit and are age 65. You may, however, sign a waiver, which will enable you to continue your contributions.

If you elect to continue to work after reaching 40 years of service and are able to continue to receive salary increases, it may be to your advantage to continue contributions. Remember, your retirement calculation is based on your highest consecutive 24 months of salary. (Your retirement benefit will only be calculated on the maximum of 40 years of service credit.)