Leave of Absence

TRS will allow you to extend the normal four-year period in which you may be out of covered employment and still retain an active account by submitting a notice for a leave of absence. To be eligible, you must meet the following guidelines:

  • You must be an active member whose contributions have not been withdrawn.
  • You must return to covered employment by the end of the leave of absence in order to retain an active account.

Allowable leaves of absence, for the purpose of extending the duration of your active account beyond the four year period include

Maternity or Adoption

A leave of absence of an additional year may be granted for each child adopted or born to a member while on authorized leave. Documentation is required when you apply for additional leave (contact our office).


When an illness prevents you from working, you may request a leave of absence. However, TRS will require a physician’s written statement – including the nature of your illness and the reason why you cannot work – in order to grant your request.


You may request a leave of absence to extend a period of educational study for a maximum of two consecutive years.


A leave of absence may be granted for periods of service in the armed forces.

Contact TRS for additional information, or to apply for a leave of absence.