Study Leave

You may be eligible to establish retirement credit for periods of full-time graduate study. The requirements are:

  • You must have been a full-time teacher in the public schools of this state or in the University System of Georgia under the board of regents immediately (not more than six months) prior to the period of full-time graduate study.
  • You must return to full-time employment as a teacher in the public schools, or University System of Georgia, for a minimum of five years following the period of graduate study.
  • You must submit a transcript or similar document to TRS as verification of the full-time graduate study period.

Your cost to purchase study leave credit is based on the annual salary you were receiving for full-time employment as a Georgia teacher immediately prior to the period of study leave. Study leave service may be purchased by payment of appropriate employee and, in some cases, employer contributions plus interest.

Any period of eligible graduate study interrupted solely for a period of active duty military service during a period in which the military draft is in effect shall be deemed not to have been interrupted provided the member goes immediately (not more than 6 months) into active duty military service.