Employer FAQ


What are the differences in the contract types?

There are four different contract types:

Members earn service credit, depending on contract type, for each month in which they work half or more of the business days.

8 Month/Semester Contract – August to May

  • University/college professors and academic faculty working the academic year
  • Some schools offer a May term/Maymester
  • May teach summer courses during summer months
  • BOR employees only

9/10 Month Contract – September to August; transition systems August to July

  • Teachers, para-professionals, etc. working the regular school year
  • Receive new contract/raise in September; August for transition systems
  • Typically work late July/early August to late May
  • Pro-rata salary paid in summer months
  • BOE employees only
  • May teach summer school during summer months

Transition systems are the school systems that now begin their 10-month contracts in August and end them in July. When the transition occurred, the school systems paid the old contracts in full and began the new ones over one of the summer pro-rata months. The salary paid during the months of August and the following June and July are pro-rated earnings for transition systems.

11 Month Contract – August to July

  • Assistant principals, some teachers, guidance counselors, etc.
  • Receive new contract/raise in August
  • July salary is pro-rata summer payment
  • BOE employees only

12 Month Contract – July to June

  • Administrators, superintendents, secretaries, clerks, non-academic university staff, etc.
  • Receive new contract in July, or may not work on a contract basis
  • No pro-rata summer payment
  • BOE or BOR employees

How should contributions for an employee on leave be reported?

If the employee is on paid leave, continue withholding and reporting contributions normally. However, contributions should not be withheld and reported for an employee on unpaid leave for half or more of the business days in a month. Example: Jane is on leave 4/16/2018 – 5/24/2018. She has 15 days of available paid leave, so she is in unpaid status after 5/4/2018. April contributions should be withheld and reported. However, May contributions should not be withheld and reported because Jane was on unpaid leave for 14 of 22 working days.


How do you correct a Social Security Number (SSN) or date of birth previously reported incorrectly?

Correct the SSN or date of birth in the monthly detail file before submitting it to TRS, and then send a copy of the Social Security card or other legal documentation with the SSN to TRS. Please submit a copy of a government issued ID with the correct date of birth.


How do you report a name or address change?

Name and address changes must be made in the monthly detail file before it is submitted to TRS. After the file has been balanced by TRS staff, the changes will be posted to the TRS system.


How long does it take for a terminated member to drop off the Turnaround report?

For terminations, please add the following information on your Turnaround report:

  • Member’s termination date
  • Contract pay of $0.00
  • Payment reason – Left employment

Typically, it takes one month after TRS receives this information for the member to drop off the Turnaround report.